What is GHC program?

• The Gulf Health Council's expatriate program evaluates health fitness for expatriates to make sure they are FIT to work.

List of countries under the program

• Bangladesh
• Egypt
• India
• Ethiopia
• Ghana
• Indonesia
• Jordon
• Kenya
• Lebanon
• Mali
• Morocco
• Nepal
• Nigger
• Pakistan
• Philippines
• Sri Lanka
• Sudan
• Tanzania
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Uganda

How to book an appointment on the website?

To register for the medical test please follow these steps:
• Please Access to this link https://v2.gcchmc.org/
• Press book an appointment button
• Choose the country, the city and the travelling country (the medical center will be assigned Automatically as per the city )
• Enter all required information and press submit (please double check all date &info before Submitting)
• Fill the payment page, please note that the expiry date is year then month (YY MM) and make sure that all credit card are entered right, press pay Button
• You Get the slip for the medical exam, please visit the medical center at the earliest to do your medical examination.

1. If the nationality is Egyptian, the expatriate must enter the ID national number.
2. The system will not go to the next page until the number shown in the screen below is entered and marked, I agree that all information entered are correct as shown on the page below.

How can the applicant generate his slip?

• From print GCC slip tab, please enter the passport and the nationality then press generate.

The applicant can’t make the payment.

Please check the following and make sure that:
• there is no bank issue
• all credit card details are correct on the payment confirmation page and
• credit card is valid with enough balance
• the expire date is entered correctly as year then month (YYMM)
• Try to pay again using another card,
• Check the internet network or try another internet browser

In case the issue is still actual please do the following:
• Please send the issue to support @gcchmc.org and provide us with passport number and screenshot for the error.

How to know the location of the medical centers in every country & city?

• Please Access to this link https://v2.gcchmc.org/
• From Medical center Tab, please select the country and the city, all medical centers for the determined city will be displayed.
• You can also enter any medical center name, and the medical center details will be displayed.

Can the applicant cancel the Slip after generating?

• The Slip can’t be canceled but the applicant can generate another one after expiration of the current Slip in case the applicant didn’t go for the medical examination.

How can the applicant check the status after doing the medical examination?

• From the check candidate status tab , enter that passport number and the Nationality or the slip number

Can the applicant choose specific medical center?

• The applicant can’t choose the medical center since the medical center is assigned automatically as per the selected city and country.

Can the applicant change the city after generating the slip?

• Change of city is possible after the expiry of the current appointment slip, and the validity of the slip is 21 days.
After that you may generate new slip with desired city.

Within how many days a result of the medical examination appears?

• The medical examination result appears within 26 days.

In case the applicant didn’t find his nationality or country on the system?

• Please contact support @gcchmc.org and mention the required nationality.

From any age, the expatriate can register on the site?

• The applicant can book an appointment from any age.

How much is the medical appointment?

• $10 per applicant for appointment

How can the applicant change the wrong data?

In case if the applicant entered wrong data like passport number, name, nationality, profession , date of birth , visa number and date , passport expiry date , passport issue date , passport issue place by the following instructions:
1. The applicant should Contact the medical center and ask them to submit change request as change candidate details or as change Medical exam request
2. Ask the medical center for the change request number and change request submission date
3. The change request is for free and the applicant shouldn’t pay any money for it.

After generating the slip when should the applicant visit the medical center to do the examination?

• The applicant should visit the medical center at the e arliest, if possible, visit the medical center directly after generating the slip.

In case the applicant paid but the slip hasn’t been generated.

• Please contact support@gcchmc.org and provide the following document and info:
(Nationality / date and time of access /passport number /Name/credit Card number /card name owner/E-mail/copy of the credit card/Bank statement).

In case the applicant paid twice and wanted to refund the first amount?

• Please contact support@gcchmc.org and provide the following document and info:
(Nationality / date and time of access /passport number /Name/credit Card number /card name owner/E-mail/copy of the credit card/Bank statement).

Can an applicant book an appointment for a medical examination from a country that differs from his nationality? For example if he is Indian but he is resident in Sudan, can he submit application to medical center in Sudan?

• Yes, he can. He should select the country that he wants to do the examination in it and select his nationality

If an Applicant has a valid medical report on the system, when the applicant can rebook another appointment again?

  1. In case of fit status, applicant can rebook an appointment after 3 months from the modified date not the examination date.

  2. In case of unfit status, applicant can rebook an appointment after 6 months from the modified date not the examination date.

Can the applicant change the examination Date?

• No, the examination date can’t be changed or edited, Examination date is calculated automatically from the day the medical exam is approved.

Can the applicant change the expiry date of the report?

• The expiry date of the report is calculated from the modified date not the examination date.

If the system is down or unstable?

• Please try another Browser.
• Make sure that you have stable internet network.
• Contact support@gcchmc.org , mention the country and provide screenshot for the error.

What are the cases that are evaluated as unfit status?

Infectious Diseases:
1. HIV positive (AIDS)
2. Hepatitis (B) Surface Antsgen Poutive
3. Hepatitis C Antibody - postive
4. Microfilaria and Malaria
5. Leprosy
6. Any abnormal chest X-ray manifestations including, but not limited to:
a. Active on past evidence of TB
b. Pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary calcification
c. Pleural effusion
d. Lymphadenopathy.

Non-infectious diseases
1. Renal failure
2. Liver failure or hepatic insufficency
3. Heart failure
4. Uncontrolled Hypertension
5. Uncontrolled diabetes.
6. Different types of cancer.
7. Psychiatric and neurological disorders
8. Any distortion, amputation or physical disability impeding the applicant's performance.
9. Hemoglobin below 79/100di.

In case the applicant faces any technical issues

• Please contact support@gcchmc.org and provide in the email screenshots.

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